Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Life List Day 164 - Take a Trip Down Candy Memory Lane

I was at a tiny market by the beach today, when I saw one lone sucker on the candy shelf and found myself utterly bowled over by nostalgia.

It was a Slapstick lollipop. Caramel on a stick with some sort of swirlies.

I've seen many of the candies from my youth, but this was one I hadn't remembered until I saw it sitting there.

Without even thinking, I grabbed it up and bought it.

I'd had no intention of having a treat - I didn't even have any sort of hankering for sugar - but I immediately broke into it.


The swirlies were nasty, fake, sugary banana flavoring.

I ate it anyway. It brought back memories of hanging at Lake Huron, jumping off the dock and splurging all my pocket money on stuff like...banana flavored lollipops.

What candy reminds you of YOUR youth?


Amanda said...

By far the candy that reminds me of my youth are those wax lips filled with the nastiest juice on the inside. Why? Why would anyone think of making wax lips as candy? Who knows, but I sure had a good time with them as a child.

Vaedri said...

Sherbet candies are my memory-trigger. Those little two or three-colour balls with a ridge around the middle. The ones that made your tongue tingle and ache with the sour and tartness.

soleil said...

i liked mars bars when i was little but they don't make them anymore. candy cigarettes, those little soda bottles. i don't know if they were wax or not.

Livingsword said...


Thanks for transporting me for a moment to my own childhood. It actually made me think more about hot care-free childhood summers, which is different than this summer. Very nice…thanks.

Paper Fan Club said...

Jill, I loved this post and I think you'll get a great response... everyone remembers the candy of their childhood. For me, I would say: blue gummy whales, pixie stix, sweet tarts, garbage pails, fizzy rocks and lime-flavoured licorice strings.

We have a candy shop here called Sugar Mountain where you can buy the HTF sweets of your childhood. Of course, nostalgia is pretty expensive these days.

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