Saturday, August 25, 2007

Life List Day 160 - Try Clams and Mussels

My Aunt Marcy had a "kitchen clambake" for her birthday - that's her in the photo (and in case you're wondering what I'm doing with such a hot young chick for an aunt, my mom is from a family of 10, and Marcy's the baby...three months younger than me, which she never lets me forget).

Anyway, she's an amazing cook, so I figured if anyone could get me to like clams and mussels, it would be her. I tried them years ago and thought they were disgusting.

It isn't the taste. It's the texture.

So today, I gave them a try again.

They were okay, but I still have the texture issue...besides, they were blocking the way to the shrimp (sauteed in butter and garlic oil), which I LOVE.

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