Saturday, May 5, 2007

Life List Day 48 - Hobnob with the Queen at the Kentucky Derby

Today was the 133rd Kentucky Derby - and while a trip to Churchill Downs wasn't realistic, my friend MJ and I went for the next best thing. We headed to the local race track - Hollywood Park in Inglewood - to place our bets on both the Kentucky Derby and the local races. I can honestly say if I weren't trying to come up with something to do for my life list, I'd have never done this. I'm so glad I did - it was silly and fun and a great way to pass a sunny afternoon.

I know nothing about horse betting, but I made it a point to make several types of bets: win, place, show, exacta & trifecta. I even bet on what turned out to be the winning horse for the Kentucky Derby - 2 big ones on Street Sense to place. I walked away with $6.40 - and that odd thrill of being part of something big.

As for hobnobbing with the queen - granted, we had to do it from thousands of miles away (as she was in Kentucky and we were watching by satellite in California) - but we did make a point to say "jolly good!" as often as possible.

And if I HAD been there, I sure wouldn't have been giving her the same bitchy look that the lady in the black hat is.

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