Sunday, May 27, 2007

Life List Day 70 - Read All Morning

I had a big fat to-do list for today: laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning the guinea pigs' cage and a few other tasks of that ilk.

At 8:00 this morning, I started reading Charlaine Harris's book, All Together Dead, the latest in the Sookie Stackhouse vampire mystery series.

It wasn't until t 3:00 when friends arrived to go to an art fair that I reluctantly put it down.

So tomorrow I'll wear dirty clothes, eat leftovers, apologize to the pigs for the squalor . . . it was definitely worth it.


Rusty aka Emma said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me. The chores will still be there tomorrow.

Rusty aka Emma said...

me again....
Just a quick question. Do you know when your book "The next thing on my list" will be publised as a paperback in the UK.

pcsolotto said...

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