Thursday, May 24, 2007

Life List Day 67 - Get a Song Unstuck from my Head

"I heard this song on the radio - what is it?" my son, Danny asked, and then he hummed some classic guitar rift that was so familar, it caused an intolerable itch on my brain.

I couldn't think of what it was, which was driving me nuts. My son and I weren't getting anywhere on the Internet - we didn't have any lyrics or so much as a guess at the artist (just try doing a google search under dada dum da da da ba bow bow). I tried phoning a few friends hoping to run it by them, but either they didn't know it or they weren't home.

I'd resigned myself defeat when I thought, If I were willing to make a complete fool of myself, I could solve this mystery. As much as I hate making a fool of myself, I was desperate to ease that nagging curiosity. Plus I still needed to do something for my life list. (I'd gone to lunch at a new place, French 73 in Burbank, but I felt it was kind of cheating since EVERY place in Burbank is new to me, more or less.) So I decided to give foolishness a go.

I called Sam Ash, a nearby guitar store. "You'll probably think I'm crazy," I said, "But I need to know this song." And then I hummed it.

At first they said "Oh, it's Mission Impossible," which was what my cousin Jerri said when I hummed it to her, but I knew that wasn't it. I didn't give up. I hummed it again, throwing a bit more feeling into it.

"La Grange by ZZ Top!" he said excitedly, and immediately I knew he was right. That was it!

I can sleep easy. Whew.


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