Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Life List Day 73 - Shop at a New Market

I remember a time when my friends and I would get excited about a new nightclub - now it's a new grocery store that has us all abuzz.

Today I checked out a market called Sprouts that just opened near me. I have to say, it was an adventure! They specialize in locally grown produce, a lot of it organic - and unlike when I shop at Whole Foods - I didn't have to take out a bank loan to pay for a cart of groceries.

Because this was something I was doing for my life list, I took my time. I chatted with the butcher (who talked me into buying organic steak for my beef-deprived son), picked out a few things from the bulk foods bin, and decided to try yet again to purchase asparagus to see if I do more than give it a ride home, a place in the refigerator for a week or so, and then a toss into the trash can.


Caitlin said...

Here's a link to some asparagus recipes.

I think that the fried asparagus looks yummy, as does the asparagus bacon fondue. I also live asparagus risotto.

Then again, I really love asparagus.

Lynn said...

Yikes! You THROW AWAY asparagus?!?
This cannot go on. Next time you get some, toss it with some good olive oil, the juice and grated zest of a lemon, and roast it at 450 for about 10 minutes. It's great hot, cold or room temperature. Then we'll see if you ever let it get away from you again!
Bon Appetite!

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