Thursday, May 31, 2007

Life List Day 74 - Buy Eyeshadow from a Drugstore

This is the Chanel eyeshadow I bought a while back for $27.

This is the Cover Girl eyeshadow I bought today for $2.97.

The last time I bought eyeshadow this cheap was probably in junior high. Bonne Bell. Bright green. Gooey. It came in a tub and you sort of globbed it on with a fingertip. Somehow I skipped straight from that to the department store cosmetic counters and their claims that high price = high quality.

But today I was at Rite Aid, I needed new shadow, and I said, What the hell. It's just plain neutral-toned powder for my lids - what's the big deal? Why am I being such a sucker and paying so much? So I took the Cover Girl challenge and, turns out, I can't tell the difference.

I feel positively liberated. I'll never be ripped off by cosmetics companies again!

Anyway, with the money I saved, maybe I'll buy that new anti-aging creme from Kinerase. It's $79 for a small tube, but Courtney Cox swears by it.


Anonymous said...

Does Courtney use it on her you-know-what? You can probably guess who's asking...

pcsolotto said...

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