Saturday, May 26, 2007

Life List Day 69 - Lunch at a Japanese BBQ

I met a friend for lunch at Sansui-Tei in Torrance. It's one of those Japanese barbeques where you grill your own meat & veggies right at your table. I've always wanted to go to one and never have. (Considering I've had Lean Cuisines for dinner the past few evenings, I found it ironic that it wasn't until I went out for food that I actually cooked.)

The food was yummy - turns out I'm quite the chef! My friend, Kirsten, schooled me on the proper use of sauces. I am by nature not an adventurous eater - I'm the one poking suspiciously at food at a restaurant, making sure there's nothing 1) icky, 2) squishy, 3) weird in it. Sauces are always particularly suspect, but this BBQ place had some sort of garlicky soy sauce that I wanted to stash in my purse and bring home.

The highlight: the moist towelette at the end of lunch (love those), followed by a stick of Juicy Fruit tucked in with the check.

That's when you know you're at a classy place.

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