Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Life List Day 44 - Start! Taking! Vitamins! Again!

I used to take vitamins regularly, but then I stopped! I'm not sure why! I think it was a bit of a hassle, and once in a while they give me a stomach ache! But overall they give me so much energy! So today for my life list, I bought one of those pill organizers and set up my vitamins! Then I took my vitamins for today!

Here's what I take:!

A multivitamin!
B complex - for energy!
B1 - as a mood lifter!
C- because they taste good and supposedly help with bruising!
E - I can't remember why!
Omega 3 oils - for heart health!
Grapeseed extract - something about being good for my skin!
I don't take the dime - it's just there to show what horse pills those oils are!
Cal mag - a calcium/magnesium drink that konks me out at night! John Travolta swears by it!
Fiber drink twice a day because I'm not getting any younger!

Anybody else have a vitamin they swear by?! Anything I may as well avoid?!


pcsolotto said...

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Anonymous said...
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